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Panopto is a video content management system that enables easy video recording, streaming, and sharing. Panopto simplifies the complex task of recording content and presenting pre-recorded content to your class. Panopto is used by many (but not all) of the schools at Johns Hopkins University. Some of the instructions on this website are applicable to Homewood faculty only. If you're unsure whether your school uses Panopto or who you should turn to for help, contact your school's Teaching and Learning Center.

What can Panopto do?

Record/Edit Lectures

  • Record audio, video (multiple cameras), capture screens, and capture presentations (powerpoint/keynote)
  • Give video owners easy-to-use editing tools

Ease of Access

  • All recorded material plays as an organized experience for the viewer
  • Index every component of each video for searching (text, speech, screens)
  • Integrate with Canvas for automatic permissions based on class enrollments
  • Provide unlimited storage for video

Acessibility Benefits

  • Support automatic machine-generated closed captions (included) or human captions (fee)

Instructor Tools

  • Provide detailed viewing statistics to faculty
  • Allow faculty to embed quizzes within videos (and to send quiz grades to Canvas)
  • Give students a location to submit videos for assignments

Panopto can be used in several ways:

  • Lecture Capture - Panopto can capture audio, video, slides, or screen activity. It can also capture just audio, just video, etc.
  • Pre-Recorded Lectures/Flipping - Pre-recorded lectures for teaching online, remotely, flipping, conferences, and more
  • Existing Audio/Video Files - Panopto can be used to host and stream existing audio or video files. This alleviates storage and format issues.

Panopto Video Viewer ScreenshotWhy use Panopto?

Faculty report a high level of satisfaction from students when using Panopto in their courses. Students like the ability to selectively re-watch portions of a lecture, and to review material at their own pace. Panopto can also be invaluable for students whose first language is not english. The ability to review the spoken word and slow down the playback can lead to greater comprehension of the material. Some faculty have concerns that using Panopto will negatively affect attendance. We have generally found this not to be the case.

How to get started

To get started with Panopto, first consider your audience. What do they need to see, and who should have access to see it?

Panopto is most commonly used integrated with Canvas. The Getting Started with Panopto page (for KSAS/WSE Homewood Instructors) will let you begin this process. NOTE: If you are faculty from another school or using Panopto outside Canvas, contact your school's Teaching and Learning Center for details on the process.

If you already have Panopto setup and are ready to start creating content, then explore making your first recording.

If you need help getting Zoom recordings into Panopto, head to using panopto for Zoom Recordings.

If you're interested having your students record with Panopto, or submit video material in your class, read up on Using Panopto for Student Recordings.

Where to go for Help

Because Panopto is a hosted service, the vendor’s main support site is the best place for up to date Training and Documentation. See below for links to those resources.

For general JHU Panopto support, contact [email protected].

If you're having trouble installing Panopto, reaching the Panopto servers, or any more general questions (not JHU specific), you can contact Panopto support directly: [email protected] -or- 855-765-2341. You must use your JHU credentials when contacting Panopto directly for support.