Using Panopto for Student Recordings

Would you like your students to use Panopto to submit videos in your course? Well, good news! There’s a feature in Panopto called the Assignment folder. This special folder grants students the right to record or upload videos into the course (but only in this special folder). Like other folders in Panopto, there are no restrictions on the video size or number of videos, and these videos will not count against your Canvas course size quota.

Students can view, edit, or delete what they have uploaded, but not what any other student has uploaded. There’s a thorough explanation of it here:

Setting up Student Assignment Folders

The assignment folder is not enabled by default, but it's easy to turn on:

Step 1:

Open the course in Canvas. Click on the Course Menu link named "Panopto Video."

Step 2:

Find the gear icon in the upper right of the Panopto screen. This gear icon is the Folder's Settings

Panopto Folder Settings

Step 3:

On the first screen of Folder Settings, click on Create Assignment Folder

Panopto Create Assignment Folder

Student Instuctions for Assignment Folders

The students have several choices as to how they can get recordings into Panopto:

How they find the Assignment folder

First, they should login to Canvas, click on "Panopto Video" from the Course Menu, then find their Assignments folder with their JHED ID (See below)

Panopto Assignment Folder View

How Students Create Video Content

Once they are in their Assignments folder, they will have access to the Create button.

  • If they want to install the full Panopto software to capture video, they would choose: Record A New Session
  • If they prefer a faster, simpler method, they could try Panopto Capture, which is like a “lite” version of the Panopto software, but runs entirely in the browser (Chrome/Firefox/Edge).
  • If they already have an established way of creating a recording and they want to just to upload a video file, they would choose: Upload Media

Sharing Student Video with the Class

Often, after all the student videos have been submitted, faculty want to share them with the entire class.

  • If you want to do this selectively, you can simply move each video up one folder level in Panopto (into the main class folder).
  • If you want all the students to see all the other students' videos, you can change a setting within the Assignment folder itself.
    Navigate to the Folder Settings (see Step 2 above) and choose "Allow viewers to see each other's sessions"

Panopto Assignment Folder Setting View All