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Teaching Assistant Manual

The Teaching Assistant Orientation has developed a manual for TAs called “Making the Difference.” The manual lists general teaching resources available at Hopkins – e.g., TA-specific services offered by the library, services offered to students with disabilities, faculty responsibilities in working with such students, etc. Printed copies of the TA Manual are distributed at the TA Orientation in September and are available from the CTEI throughout the year.

Teaching Assistant Resources

TAing an Online Course

In addition to the training and support offered through the Teaching Academy, Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows teaching their own courses are also invited and encouraged to participate in all training and consultation resources available to faculty. A list of workshops and help guides is available here

While Teaching Assistants are not typically involved in designing courses, they play an important role in facilitating instruction.  The following list of workshops and helpguides may be helpful for teaching assistants to explore as they prepare for the fall semester.  TAs should consult their instructor about what tools will be used to teach the course.  

TAs can also watch a recording of the Online Teaching Orientation. This workshop targeted at instructors shares best practices for designing and facilitating an online course. While the focus is on designing a course, it is available for those who want to explore it as a professional development opportunity.

Teaching Assistant Training Videos