Nearly every undergraduate student at Hopkins interacts at some point with a teaching assistant (TA) who functions in an instructional capacity, and many Hopkins TAs are the full-time faculty of the future.  The mission of the TA Orientation is to enhance the instructional experience of undergraduate students and to introduce Hopkins TAs to good instructional theory and practice.

General Description of Schedule

A plenary session will introduce the university's teaching policies and support offices. This will be followed by a series of breakout sessions that students may select and attend based on the relevancy to their own upcoming TA assignments. We ask that faculty inform their TAs about this event as soon as possible.


To view the schedules for upcoming TA Orientations, please visit the following page:

2024 Fall TA Orientation


Resources for Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant Manual
The TA Orientation has developed a manual for TAs called “Making the Difference.” The manual lists general teaching resources available at Hopkins – e.g., TA-specific services offered by the library, services offered to students with disabilities, faculty responsibilities in working with such students, etc. Printed copies of the TA Manual are distributed at the TA Orientation events and are available from the CTEI throughout the year.

Teaching Assistant Training Videos
A collection of helpful videos for TAs. It includes recorded sessions from a previous TA Orientation as well as student/TA scenarios to help TAs identify challenging interactions and how to handle them.


CTEI has worked with the GRO to ensure its members are informed of all changes to the TA Training program. CTEI has met with the GRO board to discuss items to go into a TA Training section of the Graduate Student Portal. The GRO website links to the CTEI website, which in turn, links to TA Training. The GRO also distributes TA training-related information through its list-serv.