Cross Institutional Opportunities

The Spring 2022 Collaborative Fellowships will offer teaching opportunities at Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS), Goucher College, Loyola University of Maryland, and Stevenson University,

Applications for Spring 2022 are due on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 EST.
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Fall 2021 Info Session (Note: We do not hold an info session for the additional Spring opportunities. All information on open Spring 2022 posiitons can be found on the website). 

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Goucher College

1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD, 21204

CTF Contact/Mentor
Judy Levine, Ph.D.
Professor of Biological Sciences and Chemistry

Goucher Information Session Recorded Presentation

Goucher Information Session Presentation (PDF)

Multiple Positions Available: One Fellow per course

Goucher College offers unpaid CTFP opportunities across a variety of courses in the sciences and 
beyond. Graduate student and postdoctoral applicants are welcomed. In their CTFP application, 
candidates should mention specific courses of interest to them. Commitment is for one semester. 

The courses listed below are ones whose instructors have expressed interest in working with a 
teaching fellow. It is possible that additional instructors would be open to the idea if they knew a 
candidate was interested in their course. For a full listing of courses, see http://catalog.goucher.edu/. 

The class meeting times shown below are for informational purposes only. The type of participation 
and time commitment by the teaching fellow are negotiable between the fellow and the instructor. 


Spring 2022 Course Descriptions

SP21 semester (1/31/22 – 5/12/22):

BIO 102 (Explorations in Biology II: Life in Context) (MWF 12:00-12:55; instructors: Jay Garaycochea; Akana Noto; Gizelle Simpson)

BIO 378 (Developmental Biology) (MWF 8:15-9:10 am; instructor: Jenny Lenkowski) 

CHE 151 (Principles of Chemistry II) (MWF 8:40-10:30am or 2:40-4:30pm; Instructors: George Greco, Jaired Tate, Lisa Gulian) ) 

CHE 235 (Organic Chemistry II) (MWF 9:20-10:15am; instructor: Ruquia Ahmed-Schofield) 

CHE 341 (Biochemistry) (MWF 12:00-1:10pm; instructor: Judy Levine) 

CHE 442 (Biochemistry lab) (Tu 12:30-4:20pm; instructor: Judy Levine) 

PSY 105 (Introduction to Psychology) (MWF 12:00-1:10; instructor: Katherine Cho) 


FR 444 (Transnational Environmental Studies in French) (MWF 10:40-11:50am; instructor: Kathryn St. Ours) 


BUS 229 (Marketing Management) (TuTh 9:30-11:20am; instructor: David Grossman)

BUS 231 (International Business Environment) (7-wk course 1/31-3/18; MWF 9:30-10:20am; instructor: David Grossman)

BUS 480 (Strategic Management) (TuTh 11:30am-1:20pm; instructor: David Grossman)

Fellowship Details/Expectations

Varies per course; commitment will be worked out between mentor and fellow.

Degree Requirements
Fellows must be a PhD candidate or have a PhD.

Preferred Skills and Experience
Expertise should match course of interest. Fellows from diverse backgrounds encouraged to apply including First Generation College and underrepresented groups.

Length 1 semester

Position is unpaid.

Expected Weekly Commitment
Varies per course; commitment will be worked out between mentor and fellow. Expect 10 to 20 hours per week.

Ongoing in-person feedback, written evaluation at end of semester if requested by fellow.

Parking and Transportation
Ample free parking on campus; shuttle information available at http://www.baltimorecollegetown.org/shuttle/

Loyola University Maryland

Department of Biology
4501 N. Charles St
Baltimore, MD, 21210

CTF Contact
Dr. Lisa Scheifele
Associate Professor of Biology, Loyola University Maryland

Loyola Information Session Recorded Presentation

Positions Available

Positions Available (Spring 2022):

  • 1 position to teach advanced lab, BL322 Synthetic Biology (2 credit lab course)

Fellowship Details/Expectations

  • BL322: This is an individually taught lab course of up to 24 students that supports and enhances the material taught in the co-requisite lecture, BL322 Synthetic Biology. Topics include the structure of nucleic acids, DNA cloning, PCR, and sequencing technology, genome structure, and programmed genome rearrangement using a Cre-Lox system. Students work with bacterial and yeast cells. Previous experience in syntetic biology not necessary as long as fellow is comfortable with molecular techniques. Course syllabus, text, and PowerPoint slides will be provided. The lab section meets on Thursdays from 1-4:50 pm

Degree Requirements
PhD degree required.

Preferred Skills and Experience
Scientific expertise in molecular biology or microbiology, expertise in synthetic biology not needed; strong interest in teaching undergraduates; willingness to respond to feedback and work collaboratively with multiple instructors.

Commitment Length
1 semester (Spring semester runs 1/18/22‐5/3/22)

Yes, payment is available as an affiliate instructor for those who are citizens or have relevant visa. Loyola University requires all instructors be paid, so only candidates who are capable of receiving payment as instructors can be considered. 

Expected Weekly Commitment
Expect ~6 hours per week (including 4 hours of course time plus 1-2 hours of office hours). Office hours can be scheduled at the instructor’s convenience, but typically occur immediately before or after class.

Ongoing in-person feedback from mentor who will attend at least two class sessions. Formal written feedback at the end of semester if requested by the fellow. For fellows who wish to teach for more than one semester, additional teaching opportunities are available, depending on performance evaluations and student teaching evaluations which must be provided to the Department Chair prior to reappointment.

Parking and Transportation
Limited free parking is available on the street (except from 4‐6 PM). Satellite parking is available off‐campus for a minimal fee with a shuttle connecting the parking to main campus (Parking Options)


Stevenson University

Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences
11200 Ted Herget Way
Owings Mills, MD, 21117

CTF Contact/Mentor
Rivka L. Glaser, Ph.D.
Director, Stevenson University Honors Program
Associate Professor of Biology

Stevenson Information Session Recorded Presentation

Three to Four Positions Available

Spring 2022:  Genetics, molecular genetics, physiology, organic chemistry

Opportunities to be mentored by non-science faculty are possible as well.

Fellowship Details/Expectations

Varies with each course and the experiences / needs of the CTF fellows. 

Options include:

  1. Mentored fellowship (unpaid) – Fellows with little teaching experience or who wish to expand their teaching portfolio will be mentored by Stevenson faculty member.  Each fellowship is personalized to the fellow’s needs. Previous CTF fellows have designed labs, given guest lectures, created class assignments and rubrics, and led class discussions.
  2. Adjunct instructor (paid) – Fellows with extensive teaching experience, including being an instructor of record for a course can apply for an adjunct instructor position for an introductory course.  All new adjunct instructors are mentored by experienced faculty. 

Degree Requirements:
Fellows must have a Master’s degree, or the equivalent of a Master’s degree (i.e. Ph.D. students who have passed their qualifying exams)

Preferred Skills and Experience
Subject matter expertise should match the course content of interest. A strong interest in teaching undergraduates; willingness to  respond to feedback and work collaboratively with mentor.

Commitment Length
One or two semesters.

Expected Weekly Commitment
Varies per course; commitment will be worked out between mentor and fellow. Expect approximately 5-10 hours per week.

Ongoing in-person feedback, written evaluation at end of semester if requested by fellow.

Parking and Transportation
Ample parking available on campus.  Stevenson shuttle from Owings Mills metro to campus is available as well.

Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS)

101 N. Haven Street, Suite 105
Baltimore, MD, 21224

CTF Contact/Mentor
Lisa Z. Scheifele, PhD, Excectuive Director
@Bugsslab (twitter / facebook / Instagram)

BUGSS Information Session Recorded Presentation

Spring 2022 - Multiple Positions Available

BUGSS will work with fellows to create an outreach or teaching opportunity that is mutually beneficial. Teaching opportunities can be either virtual or in person, depending on instructor preference and state restrictions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teaching Fellows may teach courses that range in length from 2 hours to multi-session courses of a few hours each. Previous online offerings include Genome Editing and CRISPR, Using model organisms to study neurodegeneration, Machine Learning, and Protein Structure and the Unfolded Protein Response. Fellows have the option to:

  • Serve as an instructor/teaching assistant for a yeast genetics and genome evolution course (Build-a-Genome) that has been taught previously
  • Develop and pilot a course centered around your own research specialty
  • Serve as a teaching assistant for courses in microbiology, molecular biology, and genetics

BUGSS is a nonprofit science organization that offers courses, seminars, and workshops directly to the PowerPoint slides and protocols will be provided to the fellows as they are available. For those developing their own courses or teaching for the first time, help is available to develop teaching materials and ensure that they are at the appropriate level for the target audience.

Classes take place after work hours so PI sign-off is not required for participation.

Degree Requirements
Fellows should have received or be pursuing a PhD, MD, or equivalent degree.

Preferred Skills and Experience
Interest in teaching to a broad and diverse audience.

Commitment Length
Flexible, from one-time lectures to long-term course and project support. BUGSS will work with fellows to create teaching opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

Positions are unpaid with the exception of Build-a-Genome course ($750).

Expected Weekly Commitment outside of Class Time
Expect to devote 1-3 hours of course preparation for every 1 hour of course time.

Informal review and feedback from mentor. Formal written review at the end of the course if requested by fellow.

Parking and Transportation
BUGSS is located in the King, Cork, and Seal building at 101 N. Haven St, Suite 105. Secure off-street parking is available in a gated lot in front of the building.