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Image Annotation made easy

  • Have you ever wanted an easy way to annotate images?
  • Perhaps, make a website devoted to highlighting content on anatomical figures, complex diagrams, historical maps or art?
  • Reveal is a web application that makes these type of visual relationships possible with little effort.


Web application for education

Reveal is a web application for annotating images with rich multimedia content. Using Reveal, you can create a website where image annotations link to image, audio and video resources to illustrate visual relationships. Developed at the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, Reveal is a web application built for modern web browsers  for use in education.

A few features of note

All content uploaded to Reveal is protected by JH authentication. As an added benefit, all audio and video is converted to the proper format upon upload so that you don’t have to worry about managing file types and formats. Reveal also has a convenient assessment tool built-in so that you can pose questions to your users, right in the application. 

History and use cases

Originally called the Interactive Map Tool built in Flash, Reveal has been completely rewritten using HTML5 and Javascript. Reveal offers a more streamlined interface for intuitively creating image annotations without necessitating any web development knowledge so that you can focus on the content. Sites have been created in a variety of courses in Biology, History of Science and Technology, Sociology, just to name a few.


Reveal screenshot of submap page
Reveal screenshot of feature page
Reveal screenshot of assessment
Reveal screenshot of fullscreen display