Welcome to the Teaching Academy

The Teaching Academy offers Ph.D. students and Post-doctoral Fellows from all divisions across Johns Hopkins University, college teacher training and academic career preparation opportunities through courses, workshops, teaching practicums, teaching-as-research fellowships, and individual consultation.  Our programs and community are committed to developing and sharing Culturally Responsive Teaching practices and instructional approaches that engage students, support improved learning outcomes, and foster inclusive classrooms and critical pedagogy.

We invite you to take part in any of the Teaching Academy offerings on an ad-hoc basis. However, if you are considering a career in academia, you may wish to consider committing more fully to your professional development and teaching preparation by participating in the full Certificate of Completion Program.

We always welcome you to help us find new ways to build community and to engage in training that best supports your development as an educator. Please do not hesitate to reach out with ideas or requests, [email protected].

Johns Hopkins University values diversity and inclusion. We are committed to providing welcoming, equitable, and accessible educational experiences for all. Students with disabilities (including those with psychological conditions, medical conditions and temporary disabilities) can request accommodation by providing an Accommodation Letter issued by Student Disability Services (SDS). For further information or to start the process of requesting accommodation, please contact your division's student accommodations office and/or indicate any needs that you may have that we can help to provide.


Collaborative Teaching Fellows

The Collaborative Teaching Fellows program gives Hopkins Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows teaching experience at one of our local partner institutions.