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Student Motivation Workshop

Activating student motivation in the classroom with Professor Dylan Selterman

When: Wednesday, March 29th, 3:00pm - 4:30pm
Where: The Garrett Room, MSE Library, in the CTEI Offices

Motivation is a key part of engagement in the classroom. Professor Dylan Selterman will lead a workshop guiding faculty on increasing student motivation where participants will consider big-picture goals that their students have (alongside their own goals as instructors), and to consider ways to shift emphasis toward student-centered teaching and learning. This would include prompts such as: what do your students want to gain from your course(s)? What skills, knowledge, or experiences do your students want to build? Participants will discuss the scientific literature on motivation in education – specifically drawing from research from Self-Determination Theory – and review evidence-based teaching strategies on fostering student motivation.

Through active engagement with each other and the workshop content, faculty will consider changes in their own courses to build a student-centered framework, and to brainstorm ideas for interactive activities and exercises, with an emphasis on promoting students’ needs.

Who: Faculty and staff from all schools and divisions at Hopkins are welcome!

Where: This will be a hybrid event, offered in-person in the Garrett Room in the MSE Library and via Zoom. 

When: Wednesday, March 29th, 3 - 4:30 pm. 

Registration: Please register here.