Facilitating Difficult Conversations during Class

back of student, raising their hand, instructor calling on themEstablishing ground rules can help keep classroom dialogue respectful; consider involving students in the process of creating the rules. There are various approaches guiding classroom discussions. The following are strategies that may help when discussing sensitive topics.

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hands shakingEstablish Ground Rules

Get students on the same page:

  • Support your arguments with evidence, such as known facts, published research, etc.
  • Use “I” statements - it is ok to articulate your feelings or perspectives, but do not try to speak for others in the class.
  • Do not generalize about groups – we can make arguments with known actions or statements by groups, but we should not make overgeneralizations.
  • Listen actively – pay attention to what is being said in order to respond appropriately.
  • Keep an open mind – our goal is to learn from each other.
  • Name-calling, sarcasm, and inflammatory accusations are not permitted – we need to keep the dialogue respectful.

Instructor’s reminders:

  • Take a break if the discussion becomes too heated or intense.
  • Allow students to speak without interruption.

gears turningStrategies for Facilitating Conversations

  • Be intentional about what topics you bring into the conversation. Consider your learning objectives when you choose topics to discuss or apply to course concepts.
  • Start discussions in small groups to give students a safer space for initiating their discussions.
  • Consider assigning conversational moves in advance. For example, “Make a comment that brings two other comments together.”
  • For smaller classes, use the round robin format in which each student speaks in succession and builds on the previous comments made.
  • Include time for quiet reflection – possibly through a short writing activity – to help students prepare their responses.
  • Choose readings and materials that present different perspectives.
  • If you notice conflict between students, use assigned seats for the whole class to provide some separation.

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