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Full Provisioning Instructions for Panopto

Normally, the process of linking Panopto and Blackboard (called provisioning) is very simple and requires just a few clicks, outlined on the Getting Started with Panopto page. However, in some cases, course copying or legacy content in Blackboard courses may prevent the standard process from working. In such cases, the following step-by-step instructions will guide you through the processing of provisioning.


Step 1:

Login to Blackboard ( and select your course

In the upper right, make sure edit mode is ON to allow changes

Screenshot of Blackboard's Edit Mode Button

Step 2:

Navigate to the Contol Panel (found under your Course Menu on the left) and choose Customization, then Tool Availability.

Screenshot of Blackboard's Control Panel showing Customization and Tool Availability

Step 3:

In the Tool Availability listings, scroll down until you see the Panopto group, which should look like this

Screenshot of Tool Availability and the Panopto Tools to Enable

Check the boxes indicated, make sure to scroll down and then press Submit. You can also check the other Panopto boxes, but they are not strictly needed.

Step 4:

Now, navigate back to the Course Menu.  Above the course menu to the left is a small plus sign. Hover over the plus sign and then select Tool Link. 

Screenshot of Course Menu Add Tool Link

Step 5:

Fill in the name as Panopto Recordings (or write in your preferred name) and select ‘Panopto Course Tool Application’ from the drop-down menu. 

Screenshot of Add Tool Link Dialog Box

You can choose to make this link available to students (which shows them the entire folder) or you can leave this box unchecked and embed/link to individual videos within your course content areas.

Be sure to Submit when finished.

Step 6:

Next, click on the new menu link you created (Panopto Recordings, or custom name) and in the next screen, select Configure.

Screenshot of Blackboard Panopto Provisioning Button

Step 7:

Click on Add Course to Panopto.  You will then get a confirmation that provisioning is complete and you can return to the course.

Screenshot of Adding the Blackboard Course to Panopto

Step 8:

If you click on the new menu link you created one more time (Panopto Recordings, or custom name) you will now see your course's Panopto folder

Screenshot of Panopto Recordings Page after Provisioning

Now, you're ready learn more about using Panopto with Blackboard.