Fall TA Orientation

Check back in summer 2022 to register for the Fall 2022 TA Orientation!

The TA Orientation is mandatory for all first-time undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants of the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering and will be held in August 2022. Check back for specific dates/details.


Coming Summer 2022

Important Dates

Coming Summer 2022

Session Details



CTEI has worked with the GRO to ensure its members are informed of all changes to the TA Training program. CTEI has met with the GRO board to discuss items to go into a TA Training section of the Graduate Student Portal. The GRO website links to the CTEI website, which in turn, links to TA Training. The GRO also distributes TA training-related information through its list-serv.


In addition to the facilitators who will present the synchronous and asynchronous sessions, we would like to acknowledge the internal team who worked to convert this in-person institute to an online format in response to the COVID-19 campus restrictions.

  • Allon Brann, Teacher Support Specialist, Teaching Academy 
  • Kelly Clark, Associate Director, Teaching Academy
  • Lacey Henry, Events Coordinator, Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation/ Teaching Academy
  • Michael McCreary, Graduate Student, Humanities
  • Michael J. Reese, Jr., Associate Dean of University Libraries and Director, Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation
  • Richard Shingles, Lecturer, Biology; Director, Teaching Institute; and Pedagogy and Curriculum Design Specialist, Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation

For more information on the Teaching Academy program at Johns Hopkins University and other resources for graduate students and post-docs interested in teaching, please visit: https://ctei.jhu.edu/teaching-academy